Throughout history there have probably always been children born during and after conflicts and wars where the father has been a member of an enemy, allied or peacekeeping force and the mother a local citizen. Although, information exists from research teams, organizations, individuals etc. who have been concerned with this topic there is still a big gap in information and knowledge.

The aim of this interdisciplinary and international research network on children born of war (CBOW) thus aims at bridging this gap by:

  • Collecting  data and information on children born of war across time and nations and thereby expanding the evidence base.
  • Gathering research results, literature, on-going research on children born of war and promoting collaborative research projects on the topic.
  • Developing recommendations of best practices to secure the rights of children born of war in co-operation with NGO‘s & governmental organizations.
  • Developing medical therapies focusing on the special needs of children born of war.

It is our hope that by addressing these issues at the societal and political level and advice national and international organizations we can promote the needs and rights of children born of war

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